5 WordPress Freelancer Themes That Will Make Your Profile Shine

5 WordPress Freelancer Themes That Will Make Your Profile Shine


When it comes to winning clients, appearance matters just as much as experience, at least when you’re making a first impression. This is where a well-chosen WordPress freelancer theme can help a lot in making your freelancer profile really shine. We have chosen 5 specific themes that will save you a lot of time and still give you all the benefits of a professionally presented resume and an organized portfolio showcase.


  1. The WP Compass

The minimalist interactive design of this theme allows for an interesting presentation of your profile. This is a great option to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. There are social links and contact information, so that your new potential client can reach you easily, as well as dedicated Resume, Portfolio and Blog sections. The design is beautiful, but it shines the most when you have little information to present. The theme won’t work that well with longer text formats or complicated portfolio items.


  1. PerfectCV

This really is a perfect CV theme, it has everything you need – a concise and helpful contact section, a clean experience and skill lists and an organized portfolio. The top navigation allows clients to hop through sections and always shows them where they are. The clean and simple design looks really professional and if you want to add a bit of personality, you can always work with the colors and fonts, which will make a huge difference. The portfolio works well with photos and videos, but if you’re something other than a graphic designer and need some text to your projects, you can always use the blog section.


  1. Prestige

As opposed to PerfectCV, Prestige is really colorful and vibrant. It adds a lot of energy to your presentation. The greatest part is the portfolio presentation – it allows for all the necessary bits of information. The blog section works better with shorter texts, as longer ones would require much scrolling. Overall, this is a nice professional look with a strong personal feel.


  1. Personal One

This responsive WordPress freelancer theme is really versatile, but it can present your work well. The white space makes for a beautiful clean design where all information is clearly presented. You can choose between a light and dark version and use sections to your personal discretion. For a theme that looks so professional and complex, it is surprisingly easy to use, even by a complete novice. It will give your portfolio that important professional feel and a refined look.


  1. AWSM

Just like Personal One, this is a versatile theme with lots of white space. It gives you a professional, yet very informal feel. It’d be a great fit for creatives and communications professionals, design pros, and so on. Unlike the first couple of themes I presented, this one has a great blog section that works great with short and long texts, while you can also add separate pages for anything you need.

Based on your preferences and type of work, you’ll find a suitable theme for yourself out of these 5 options. If your resume is short and needs better presentation, use either WP Compass or Prestige. If you have more information and want to present it in a better way, you can go with Perfect CV or AWSM, while Personal One is a classic and more visual alternative.

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