8 WordPress Plugins that Will Simplify Your Life

8 WordPress Plugins that Will Simplify Your Life

WordPress is more than just a decent blogging platform, and the numerous supported plugins are what make it stand out. Whether you are an expert web developer or blogging guru, the vast number of useful WordPress plugins can save you a lot of hassle. These 8 incredible WordPress plugins have made the lives of millions of users so much simpler, and they can do the same for you too.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 provides you one of the most simple ways of building forms and embedding them into a particular page or post on your site. New forms you create have default fields already set, so you can customize them according to your needs. Contact Form 7 also has instant checking options, multiple language selection, and tag generation along with a smart interface. There are also several additions such as Contact Form 7 Honeypot which can help you further enhance your forms.


2. WP SEO By Yoast

WP SEO by Yoast is the perfect plugin that your WordPress website needs to skyrocket your SEO efforts and marketing strategies. It comes fully loaded with Breadcrumbs, Sitemaps and several other features that can replace other plugins entirely while also providing the best practices for search engine optimizatio. With WP SEO by Yoast, you likely will never need any other WordPress plugins to work on your website SEO ever again.


3. W3 Total Cache

Building a feature-rich WordPress website can take a toll on your site’s performance, but there’s a plugin to fix that too. W3 Total Cache is the most advanced performance optimization plugin ever built for WordPress and can make your website fly with nothing holding it back. Admittedly, it can be complex to set up and adapt W3TC to your website requirements and web hosting environment. But, with some extra effort and help from a WordPress expert, it will be totally worth it.


4. WPtouch

WPtouch is a handy WordPress plugin that can single-handedly transform your humble WordPress blog into an intuitive mobile-style application theme. With this plugin installed, your WordPress website will sport an iPhone app-like theme with Ajax loading articles and effects when viewed from any type of mobile device.


5. Disqus Comment System

The native comment system of WordPress is fine for a simple website, but if you want to take your comments to the next level, you should consider Disqus. Owing to its incredibly large community, reliability and quality, you can create a Disqus profile and post comments with your Google, Twitter or Facebook profile. You can also comment anonymously across the thousands of websites that use it as their comment system.


6. Polylang

This plugin is the answer to your prayers if you run a website with multiple languages. With automatic language detection, the Polylang plugin allows you to configure how you wish to display the language in the URLs. Moreover, you can also set the matching pages and posts for any of the languages supported.


7. Login LockDown

If you are dealing with hackers and pranksters getting into your website, this is the plugin you need. Login LockDown provides the timestamp and IP address of the user, every time there is a failed login attempt. If multiple failed attempts are denoted by the same IP address, the login function is disabled and all the requests from the range are ignored. This is ideal to restrict brute force password discovery and currently allows 1-hour lockout of the IP address with 3 failed attempts in the time duration of 5 minutes.


8. Lightbox Plus Colorbox

The Lightbox effect is not only an appealing image presentation solution, but also improves user experience is most cases. There are several types of image display solutions for WordPress that can be used, but Lightbox Plus Colorbox offers a hassle free solution and is light on server resources keeping your site load times down.

You can easily configure this powerful and ultralight plugin for jQuery in your WordPress website.


Whether you are looking for added functionality, security, or premium user interface, you will find a WordPress plugin for everything. However, these 8 WordPress plugins are the bare essentials for any premium website and will definitely simplify your life.

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