Welcome to There is a Theme for That!

What started as a WordPress theme Directory, has morphed into one of the top WordPress theme comparison blogs on the web. Our reviews comparing business directory themes and comparing the top WordPress themes have been viewed THOUSANDS of times by our readers and have aided them in making crucial decisions about which theme to choose for their next WordPress project.

Our site is committed to putting out the best of the best of theme reviews. We’ve reviewed all of the top WordPress themes and have done comparisons of them as well so that our readers know the true ins and outs of these themes.

In addition to reviews and comparisons, we also provide general news and tips for WordPress users sometimes reviewing plugins or how to build unique solutions using WordPress.

Now days, it is almost inevitable to be able to say with confidence about any new website idea, “There is a theme for that!” Though we no longer are a theme directory, we are still committed to helping our readers find the perfect theme for their solution.

For those who do want a robust wordpress directory. Our parent company has started a sister site to this one which lists over 20,000 themes for sale across over 350 websites and over 1500 authors. You can find this WordPress theme directory here.


All in all, we hope that this site becomes a valuable resource to the WP community!

If you have any feedback for us about the site, a theme, etc., please contact us and let us know. We would loooove your feedback.

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