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How to Find the Category or Tag ID

How to Find Category and Tag IDs from WordPress Admin Area Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to determine page, post and category IDs without having to visit the post edit screen? Some themes or plugins allow you to set theme options or widget options based on a category or tag ID. […]

Widgets Automatically Closing [Solved] – WordPress

How to Solve Widgets Automatically Closing in WordPress WordPress is great… when it works the way you want it to. Recently, I ran into an odd issue during theme development where any time I would move a widget to a widget area, it would automatically close the widget before I could enter in any of […]

Free, Paid and Freemium WordPress themes – what should you choose?

When you’re starting to dig into the world of WordPress, the strongest initial urge is to dive into a world of new possibilities and test everything there is out there – be it themes, plugins or customization options. But once you’ve gone through your average amount of WordPress options, you’d value clean options with no […]

Theme for Florists has just released a brand new theme for Florists! The theme has a beautiful, floral design, is 100% responsive, and is compatible with woocommerce so that flowers and bouquets can be ordered right from the site. In short, this theme has everything a florist or flower shop would need in a website. Get Theme […]

Theme of the Day – TaskerDev by SiteMile

  SiteMile has recently released a theme called TaskerDev which is a Fiverr-type micro job site. We’ve named this theme as our theme of the day because it’s sharp, unique, and opens endless doors of possibilities for micro jobs in many, many niches across the web! Here are just a few possibilities: Job board site […]