Auto Post to Facebook and Twitter From WordPress [Solved]

Auto Post to Facebook and Twitter From WordPress [Solved]

Use the Free NextGEN Plugin to Easily and Auto Post From WordPress to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and More

Everyone in the know agrees that social media is a key part of any strategy to grow your reader base, customer base or subscriber list to your WordPress blog. Not only does it drive traffic, but Google is increasingly relying on social signals to judge the authority of websites.

The problem with sharing your content on social media is the time you must invest to do it manually:

  1. Publish a new post or page on your blog
  2. Load the page
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Log in to your social account (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  5. Describe your post or page
  6. Paste the address of the post/page
  7. Check that the featured image uploaded, or upload an image
  8. Publish
  9. Repeat, over and over


  1. Publish your post or page, and automatically share it to all of your social media with NextGEN Facebook plugin

Why use the NextGEN Facebook plugin to auto post to Facebook and other social sites your content? There are many social share plugins for WordPress to choose from, and I have used almost all of them at one time or another, but this plugin actually optimizes your content for each social network. Additionally, it provides your with a complete suite of sharing buttons to easily share your content.

In order for each social media website crawler to properly display read your posts and pages and display meaningful content to readers who share it, a tremendous amount of code needs to be added to each of your pages. Thumbnails, titles, descriptions, all need bits of code that are often different for each social site.

NextGEN adds all of this code automatically, so whether your content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google, the proper image displays in the right size, the description and titles will be correct, and you don’t have to do a thing.

How to Start Using NextGEN Facebook Plugin to Share Your WordPress Content Automatically

To get started, find the NextGEN Facebook plugin at Install and activate the plugin from your WP admin dashboard. Once activated, navigate to NGFB>General. The General Settings section will need to be set up first. This takes a little time, but it only has to be done once, and you can change these settings at any time.

There are two sections to this page – All Social Websites – Open Graph and Specific Websites and Publishers.


On this page, you define your options for Open Graph – website information, titles and descriptions, images, and authorship. Select a Default Article Topic, or the general topic area of your website. Site name and description will pull from WordPress, unless you want to modify it.

Under Specific Websites and Publishers, you need to complete your member information for each social website that you will be auto-publishing to.

The next setup page is Advanced Settings. You almost never need to adjust these settings unless you are not utilizing a specific social site, or if there is a conflict with your SEO plugin and HTML tags are being duplicated. In most cases (almost all I have found), the plugin identifies the duplicates and self-corrects, so there will be nothing to adjust.


Click to open in a new window

Finally, you come to the Social Settings page for posts and pages. For each post and page, you can use this metabox if you need to modify everything from titles, to descriptions, image values. You can also preview how your share appears in each social site, and validate the page before sharing.



This is a well-maintained, constantly updated plugin that works on every theme I have used it with, without any conflicts. It also works seamlessly with all major SEO plugins.

There is a Pro version of this plugin, with tons more features, but for most WordPress blogs, the free version will be more than adequate to start with.

The plugin is surprisingly light, so you should see no dropoff in site performance, even with heavier themes. NextGEN Facebook is well-documented, there is a comprehensive setup guide (if you need more help than what I gave you here), and the author is active on the support forum.

For anyone who needs to automate their social sharing, I highly recommend this plugin. Download NextGEN Facebook plugin for free here, or check out the Pro version here (includes 30 no risk refund policy).

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