Bridge Theme Review – Really One of the Best?

Bridge Theme Review – Really One of the Best?

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The Bridge theme is one of the best sold themes of 2014 and is high up in the sales list still – and no wonder. The theme is really versatile, with lots of applications, and its focus on design ensure you will end up with a gorgeous looking site, no matter the purpose. Additionally, Bridge is really easy to customize and you may even not write a single line of code while setting it up.

Focus on Design

What makes Bridge stand out is its design focus. I cannot express how truly versatile the design options of Bridge are. It features more than 100 “demos” – those are all essentially different layouts. You can be sure that the theme will be good for many different types of sites – photo sites, coming soon pages, blogs, portfolios, corporate sites and anything else you can think of.

The theme comes together with the Visual Composer plugin – this ensure you can easily customize the look and feel of your site with rearranging content blocks rather than writing code. I’d suggest you start off by importing some demo content (which can happen with just a couple of clicks) – this will give you a broad idea what you can do with the theme and how to use Visual Composer to its full potential.

The design features of Bridge are extended with a myriad of font options via Google Fonts and FontAwesome icon support so you can add different icons to any part of your site, animated transitions, interactive pie chart and bar templates and much more.

It’s really nice that you can choose different headers for different pages as well. You can customize any one of your site sections according to whatever purpose you have in mind It makes creating landing pages and micro pages a breeze. The theme also allows for many different menu styles including adding anchors as menu items for a fancy 1-page site navigation – clicking the menu item will lead the visitor down to whichever section of the page you would like. For more complex sites you can use mega menus, and you can also add different widgets in the menus.

To make long pages more dynamic, you can use Bridge’s parallax capabilities – this gives a polished professional look to your content with minimal effort on your side. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the scroll effect and you will not spend time or money to recreate it – just use Bridge.

Depending on your resources, you can also use AJAX animations for transitioning between different content – this allows content to be changed without a full page reload which both looks fancy and makes your site seem much faster to visitors. This feature can increase the starting load time of the site, so I’d suggest trying it out and deciding after you see the results.

And if all this is not enough to make you drool over Bridge already,  you also get the Layer Slider plugin as part of Bridge. The Layer Slider gives you access to more than 200 preset 2D and 3D slide transition views and many animations you can combine on your own.

Additional Integrations and New Technologies

If you’re going into the e-commerce field, you’ll be happy to know Bridge comes with full WooCommerce integration. This is the most used e-commerce toolkit for WordPress and it gives you enough freedom to build an e-tailer on WordPress. You’ll also get WPML (WordPress Multi-Lingual Plugin) which will help if you want to do site translations. You also have access to Contact Form 7, the latest and greatest when it comes to creating contact forms or pages.

(See our post on making WordPress multi-lingual here)

Bridge is an innovative theme and it is built only with the latest tech solutions – HTML5, CSS3, jQuery – so you can be sure your site will not go obsolete in a couple of years and will benefit full from new web development trends.

So Many Options!

As you already see how versatile Bridge is, it comes as no surprise that the theme is chock full of options, admin tabs and customization menus. This can be really overwhelming if you’re a novice in website development. You can expect some 17 tabs with theme options in the admin panel. Some of those you can see the effect of right away, but for many this isn’t possible. However, once you get used to working with Bridge, the workflow will save you a lot of time in the long run. The theme options ultimately save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in development, so in the end, they are definitely worth it.

Among the many options there are no import/export functions for using the same settings on other domains – if you plan on building several sites using Bridge, you’ll have to start from scratch every time. This can be a blessing in disguise, as it removes the temptation to copy the look of your work and get into a repetitive rut. If you do need to copy your site though, there are plenty of plugins that will help you clone or move your site elsewhere, so the lack of this feature is not the end of the world.


If you want to have a unique site, plan on making substantial changes to your theme, and/or want to focus on design, Bridge is the right theme for you. It gives you lots of freedom to customize your site just the way you want without knowing any code. However, if you’re new to WordPress, I’d recommend that you maybe try another option – or at least take advantage of importing demo content to see what you can do with Bridge.

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  1. Ayla says:

    They make nice themes for the eye qode. However, if you are not on a dedicated top server forget about the speed, and even then probably. They are extremely heavy. Have a look in their support forum. Everybody is complaining about speed! They are too packed with features.

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