20 Eye-Grabbing Animals and Pet WordPress Themes

With so many people choosing pets over parenthood, there’s a growing need for products and services that help people take care of their four-legged family members. There are people who turn their home into an aviary devoted to parrots, dog or cats. So, if you’re an animal lover looking to grow your own business, here’s […]

30 Brightest Design and Photography WordPress Themes

Photography is something that we have started to perceive as a habitual thing, which we come across on a daily basis. We take pictures with digital cameras and our smartphones. Moreover, there are plenty of means to capture the moment. The pleasure of looking through a portfolio of your own shots cannot be compared to […]

Best WordPress Video Themes For 2015

Websites like YouTube have redefined the internet and changed the way people enjoy visual entertainment all over the world. They have millions of users, billions of videos and make tons of money in advertising and sponsorship. If it worked for them, it could work for you too, right? But how do you create a an impressive video […]

8 Fastest WordPress Themes That Break The Sound Barrier

Building a rock solid website needs the right amount of thrusters to make it fly with an enriched user experience and help in improving search engine rank. The fastest WordPress themes make the best website. Research shows that with every extra second that your website takes to load, the amount of users who press the […]

WordPress Coupon Themes – Building a Coupon Website

Discount coupons have come a long way from being just a page in the newspaper or magazine for the people to snip. With the modernization of shopping trends, discount coupons have been digitized as well, with every e-commerce store offering promotional discount coupons. You might be a coupon hunter yourself, and why not save some […]