Super-Mash-Up of the Best Designs of 2014 with 300 Themes

Get Theme / Demo Theme Fan Club Magazine is a state of the art WordPress theme designed for musicians, bands, artists and fan clubs to showcase their work with style. Get Theme / Demo Theme The Faded theme is an incredible all-in-one WordPress Theme for bands who want to have great design and tons of […]

34 Professional Themes for Lawyers and Law Firms

What does your WordPress theme say about your law firm? Is it engaging, innovative, and attractive to your clients? Or is it dull, monotonous, and boring? Many business websites have a tendency of be dry and there are a lot of lawyers who are guilty of this when it comes to their site however a proper […]

There are a lot of general articles and blog posts about how to choose a hosting company for your website. Most of these articles address the needs of the common webmaster, regardless of what CMS he or she is going to use or what the user wants to do with his or her website. However, […]

Can a WordPress Blog Generate Leads and Sales?

 Yes, it can. A blog is made up of writing, and that writing is able to convey a message. That message can be anything, including a marketing message. The problem is that many people will not willingly attend a blog that is made up of marketing and promotional material. There is nothing in it for […]

Clipper by App Themes – Coupons Code Theme Review

Clipper by App Themes – Coupons Code Theme Review Today we are going to take a look at a WordPress Theme called Clipper that is presented by a well known WordPress Theme provider called App Themes. To check out the theme yourself click here: Clipper WordPress Theme. The Clipper Theme is designed for webmasters that […]