Divi – the Most Customizable WordPress Theme

Divi – the Most Customizable WordPress Theme

Divi Drag and Drop Multipurpose Theme

Divi is by far among the top themes I’ve come across and it’s especially useful for people who are not strong in writing code, but have a good idea about what their website should look like.

Divi is created by ElegantThemes, one of the long-standing top providers of WordPress theme. That goes to show that the creators know what they’re doing and there’s enough of support staff who can answer questions you might have – of course, we’re not talking about full customizations here, just short support queries.

What’s Special about Divi?

The main shtick of Divi is that it is a fully customizable drag and drop theme. That means you can do a great deal of customizing pages without writing a single line of code.

Divi’s Page Builder tool lets you do any layout change in a clean and simple backend environment. You have to add a section – each one can have a different background color, image or even a video. Then you add rows within the sections and you add columns in these rows. Finally, you place preset modules in each column, depending on your needs. This process lets you take full control over the site and gives you full creative freedom. The possibilities are pretty much endless, with 40 different modules you can choose from. If this extensive freedom is too much for you and you’d like at least some guidance, you can choose one of the 18 pre-made layout that are designed according to the most common use cases of the theme.

The Divi Details

I won’t go through all the Divi modules – it suffices to say that among them you’ll find everything from sliders and call-to-actions to countdown timers and audio players. You can rely on extensive shortcode support to enrich your content. Each module can be customized through its most common editing settings, some advanced settings or, if you simply can’t keep from dabbling with code, custom CSS. You can use the clone tool to copy all the settings from a module – in this way you can save yourself some customization work for similar elements. There’s also the option to save, reuse, export, and import page layouts on different sites – however, any tweaking of your content and module settings will then have to be redone. On the other hand, you will probably not want to use the same layout AND design on different page so as not to make them too repetitive or dull.

And Divi is created with full responsiveness in mind, so that you have a beautiful site on any device.

One cool feature of Divi is that you can easily create blank pages without your site’s header or footer – this allows for some creative landing page designs you can use when running lead generation campaigns.

If you’re looking for something fancier in terms of user experience, you can decide to use horizontal navigation for your site – Divi is fully equipped to handle it.

Divi is a beautiful theme with perfectly balanced colors – maybe this is why the creators decided to give a selection of color options to users. It is best to stick to the available versions in the admin menu, but if you need a very specific color – like your brand color – you can always add it with a small CSS fix.

If you want to use Divi for e-commerce purposes, you can rely on the great WooCommerce integration, that has already become a standard. By the time you run into any additional e-tailer customizations that WooCommerce can’t handle, your store will be big enough to need a programming team for support.

When you first start using Divi, it might be a bit more difficult than you expect. Yes, you don’t need to write any code, but you’ll have to constantly preview your latest changes. Of course, getting it right isn’t hard, but you need to check anyway since the Divi Builder just has abstract boxes for different modules. Just give it a bit of time and focus and relax. Compared to building a site by coding, the process of creating a Divi site is light-years ahead in terms of convenience and speed.

Some users report that after using Divi and changing to another theme, there’s extra code left in your site and that hinders further development. I guess this depends on the extent of changes made with Divi and I’d suggest being careful before switching to a new theme, just in case. On the other hand, I think you’ll be pretty happy with Divi and won’t need a replacement anytime soon. If you want another perspective, here is another Divi Review by another one of our authors.

Overall, Divi is the most customizable theme I’ve seen! It’ll be great for you, if you have a very specific idea what you want and don’t want to compromize. Once you try it, you’ll love it, too. You can get Divi at Elegant Themes here

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