Everything You Need to Know About WordPress 3.5 [Mashup]

In case you’ve missed the thousands of tweets and updates, WordPress 3.5 is now here. Personally, we like to wait out the first round of these types of new releases so they can get some of the bugs worked out before we start switching all of our WP sites over. But if you’re one of the brave souls who dove in and already has problems, there’s something in this mashup for you.

Here’s the latest news on the ins and outs of WP 3.5

WordPress.org Official Release – This is the official release from WordPress.org about the latest version of WP codenamed “Elvin.” It gives s simple overview of what’s new on our favorite CMS.

What’s New in WP 3.5 – So the official release was short and sweet. Here’s a longer version for those that want all of the nitty gritty details.

How to Fix Everything 3.5 Broke – This was found trough WP Tavern and is a list of some of the common problems and solutions that have already been explored since 3.5’s release.

How to Create a Photo Gallery in 3.5 – If you read the official release and though to yourself, “That’s cool… but now what do I do?” here’s a post for you. This WPMU post goes over how to actually use Elvin’s new media features.

Get Your Links Tab Back – One of the other features that you might notice is that WP 3.5 removes the Links tab from the dashboard. This post gives you a plugin that puts it back if you were one of the people who just loved your links : )

Over the next several days I’m sure we can expect our news feeds to blow up with info about 3.5, bug fixes, themes that are now compatible with 3.5, and all the rest. WordPress hasn’t stopped growing and continues to be the dominant player in the world of CMSs claiming to power 17.5 percent of the web with the next closet competitor being Joomla at 2.8% (according to w3techs.com). These are happy days for us WordPress folks. Let’s celebrate!

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