8 Fastest WordPress Themes That Break The Sound Barrier

8 Fastest WordPress Themes That Break The Sound Barrier

Building a rock solid website needs the right amount of thrusters to make it fly with an enriched user experience and help in improving search engine rank. The fastest WordPress themes make the best website. Research shows that with every extra second that your website takes to load, the amount of users who press the back button increases as well. Commerce based websites need a website that runs flawlessly at exponential speeds, as the load time could make all the difference between a sale and no sale.

Moreover, Google now uses the speed of a website (among the factors) to determine its rank on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). If you need to increase your customer retention rates, improve SEO strategy as well as provide a slick user experience, these 8 WordPress themes for incredible loading speeds could be the answer to all your prayers.

1. Genesis Framework



Genesis is among the most sought after WordPress frameworks by many theme developers who are in search for a framework that provides a clean code structure and easy setup methods.

The number of users of Genesis framework has grown exponentially in the past few years, with many online communities that share code and tips to help theme developers run their themes on this framework. Genesis framework and many other these developed on the same platform are not only adored for their high quality code, but also for the SEO friendly and fast loading qualities it possesses.

Genesis Framework Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: B (89%)
  • YSlow grade: A (95%)
  • Page load time: 2.15s
  • Total page size: 174KB
  • Total number of requests: 10

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 78/100
  • Mobile: 64/100

2. Parallax Pro


A child theme of the aforementioned Genesis framework, Parallax Pro requires you to install the Genesis framework on your website before you go ahead and install the theme. While the framework takes care of boosting speeds and functionality, the theme brings in all the attributes for an impressive appearance.

Parallax Pro is a single page theme which implements a modern flat UI design and parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling creates a depth illusion in a 2D landscape which looks incredible and brings out the elements of the images. The design is mobile friendly and responsive, comes in five color styles to select from an includes a pricing table.

Parallax Pro Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: B (80%)
  • YSlow grade: B (87%)
  • Page load time: 1.40s
  • Total page size: 234KB
  • Total number of requests: 13

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 80/100
  • Mobile: 66/100

3. Schema


If you are in search for a fast loading WordPress theme that delivers a clean and modern design, Schema is just what you need. Although Schema would be an ideal choice for a blogging or design website, its integration with the Woo commerce plugin makes it perfect for an online store.

The theme is packed with several monetization options, controls for advert placement as well as a review system for you and the customers to rate the products and services. The website not only loads quickly, but has been built for SEO friendly additions, which is important for an online store.

Schema Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: B (80%)
  • YSlow grade: B (83%)
  • Page load time: 1.99s
  • Total page size: 319KB
  • Total number of requests: 17

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 78/100
  • Mobile: 61/100

4. Exodus


While Exodus has been created especially for Church websites, it is easily adaptable for any social group or organization, so if you are looking to update the design of a social or church website or building one, it is definitely worth looking into. The modern website design includes flat design elements, wide full-screen layout and is completely mobile optimized and responsive.

Exodus can also support high definition Retina display images to make the pictures on your website pop out. With the ability to publish and store sermons, publish the location of the church, details of upcoming events as well as podcast updates are some of the incredible features of this swift theme.

Exodus Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: C (77%)
  • YSlow grade: C (76%)
  • Page load time: 3.21s
  • Total page size: 300KB
  • Total number of requests: 24

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 71/100
  • Mobile: 60/100

5. Divi


Elegant Themes bring a dash of high-speed web site theme in the form of Divi, which is enriched with an impressive list of features. The theme has an attractive design, and its high compatibility makes it ideal for different uses. Whether it is the incredible visual appearance of the theme, the convenient page builder tool or the large set of layouts, Divi has something for everyone.

These highly customizable options of Divi make it ideal for building almost any kind of website, such as e-commerce, blogs, business website as well as portfolios. The latest update of this lightning fast WordPress theme brings even more features such as sliders, testimonials, pricing tables and portfolios.

Divi Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: C (76%)
  • YSlow grade: C (78%)
  • Page load time: 2.45s
  • Total page size: 509KB
  • Total number of requests: 18

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 67/100
  • Mobile: 57/100

6. HotelEngine


The HotelEngine theme has been brought to you by EngineThemes developers and can be considered as an “app theme”. The main purpose for which the theme has been created is to make gorgeous hotel websites with WordPress. The theme is packed with all the important features you could possibly look for, including the room booking system which is powered by the BookingEngine plugin.

The theme provides a list of useful features such as room booking and management system, theme color variations, guest testimonials, full-screen image on the homepage along with sliders and two different designs that you can try out – Comfy and Classy.

HotelEngine Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: C (73%)
  • YSlow grade: C (71%)
  • Page load time: 3.16s
  • Total page size: 930KB
  • Total number of requests: 52

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 59/100
  • Mobile: 49/100


7. The7



The7 is among those super fast WordPress themes that are potentially ideal for any form of website. With a large selection of templates and layouts, you can create any sort of website, such as a business landing page, an e-commerce store, news website, agency portfolio and much more as the developers promise to keep the updates rolling.

There are two styles of designs that can be used with this WordPress theme, Ios 7 and minimal design style. Moreover, the 12 additional skins and 4 header layouts make the theme even more intriguing. The developers have been generous enough to include a large number of paid plugins with the theme, such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Go Responsive Pricing and Compare Tables as well as LayerSlider.

The7 Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: C (72%)
  • YSlow grade: C (75%)
  • Page load time: 2.77s
  • Total page size: 773KB
  • Total number of requests: 31

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 60/100
  • Mobile: 50/100

8. X


X is truly the definition of multipurpose WordPress themes and is enriched with all the features you could ever require to make the website of your dreams. With multiple designs which are called as stacks, are basically multiple themes which are compressed into a single package. X has the high customizable features of making tweaks to the designs of the themes within each of the themes, assisting you in bringing forth a unique appeal.

X has been supplied with a wonderful customization tool, which allows you change every single aspect of your website with the help of live preview and visual menu. The elements of the theme such as colors, sidebar location, menu placements, width, background, fonts and much more can be personalized with ease.

X Speed Test


  • Page speed grade: C (71%)
  • YSlow grade: B (84%)
  • Page load time: 2.44s
  • Total page size: 465KB
  • Total number of requests: 13

Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Desktop: 71/100
  • Mobile: 58/100

These themes have power packed all the functionality and features that you could possibly need for any form of website. What is even more impressive is to see the high loading speeds these WordPress website themes have to offer. So if you are looking for a website theme that makes no compromise in functionality and still provides you with incredible loading speeds, these 8 fastest WordPress themes are worth looking into.

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