Add Free WordPress Live Chat to Your Website

Add Free WordPress Live Chat to Your Website


Free WordPress Live Chat with Pure Chat

With more and more business being conducted online, with mobile, or at work, you need a way to deliver a great client experience no matter where your client is.

A great website is a good start, but how do you provide great customer service with just a website? Interaction with clients is key to good customer service, and only using email does not provide that interaction. Customers want a human being to answer their questions, solve their problems, or help them make a buying decision.

Live chat delivers that interaction. That means 5 star reviews, more sales, more recommendations, and repeat business. Here, I am going to show you how to add free WordPress live chat to any WordPress website, easily, and for free with Pure Chat plugin.

Let’s Get Started With Pure Chat

First, from your WordPress admin area, select Plugins > Add New. Type in Pure Chat in the top right search box, and you should see this.


Click Install Now, and the plugin will load to your WordPress instance.


After it is installed, click Activate, and you are ready to go.

Next, select the Pure Chat admin menu item that should have appeared in your dashboard. Your pure chat admin area will open up, and you will need to select a Pure Chat widget.


When you click the Pick a widget! button, you will be directed to sign up for your Pure Chat account. It is free, and only takes a few minutes.


After the short signup, everything really just configures itself, it automatically installs to the bottom right corner of your website in a minimal pop-up screen, and it is visible without distracting.


As soon as it is installed, it is actually working and ready to assist your clients. All conversations are handled from a clean, dedicated dashboard, and it is so easy to use that most people will grasp it in just a few minutes of playing with the demo.

Customize Your Pure Chat Settings


At the top right of the Pure Chat console, you will see the Manage button. Once you select it, you will open into a new tab with the Manage screen.

manage screen

Here, you can customize the whole chat experience, both for the customer and for yourself. As you can see, some of the options available are:

  • Viewing Stats
  • Customizing your chat window
  • Selecting from your chat window designs
  • Colors
  • Text
  • Animations
  • Images
  • Position of window

You can literally change almost everything about the appearance and function of this chat client, to find something that integrates perfectly with your brand. You can also store auto responses for responses that you find you need to type repetitively, such as a welcome message.

Using Live Chat

All chats are conducted from the Pure Chat dashboard. The chat client is activated on your website whenever the operator status is set to Available. To toggle from Available to Unavailable, just click the button at the top of the screen.


When you are available, and there is someone wanting to chat with you, you will here an audible alarm bell, and then you just click Incoming Chats to begin the session.


As you can see, the Pure Chat displays your session in an instant message format, as well as where the client is messaging you from.

Here is what the client sees, depending on how you have customized your visitor screen appearance.



This is a shockingly good chat client, especially for a free WordPress plugin. Easily the most intuitive I have used, it is also powerful enough for almost any small business. Once your business starts to scale up, there is a pro version of this for only $4.99.

Do you use Pure Chat, or do you know of another chat plugin that you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

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