How Many WordPress Themes Are There?

If you ever wondered about how many wordpress themes exist for you to choose from, this post will answer your question.

Here is a quick break down of themes that are out there on the net.

  • – 2,468 – A Theme marketplace that allows developers to sell their WP themes through a highly visible website.
  • TemplateMonster – 1,871 – One of the oldest template sites on the web, has themes for nearly every niche, color, and style.
  • – 1,653 – The official WP repository of themes. All themes are released under the GPL and are free, though many are of low quality.
  • Independent Theme Companies ~ 2,000 – There are around 150 companies that we’ve identified that sell WordPress themes of various styles and quality. This covers popular companies like ElegantThemes, WooThemes, and StudioPress.
  • NewWPThemes and similar – 1196 – A site that offers free themes and premium upgrades to remove footer links. FThemes and SMThemes are pretty much identical to NewWPTheme, but have different themes.
  • Mojo-Themes – 393 – Another Theme marketplace like, but much smaller.
  • Other Marketplaces < 200 – There are a few other smaller marketplaces that have a few themes in them.
  • Individual Themes ~ 200 – There are several individuals and companies that make free and premium themes that aren’t promoted with one of the methods above. Some of these themes are released on forums or on company sites where making themes is not their main purpose.

As you’ve probably already noticed, these numbers fluctuate quite a bit. New themes are constantly being created, and some themes are discontinued. Overall though, there are approximately 10,000 themes available for WordPress at this time that are still being supported. A quick search will reveal that there are some other sites that we didn’t include here on the list. The reason for this is that some of these sites offering free themes have ripped off premium themes and some include some questionable stuff like malware or footer links to scandalous sites.

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