THE List of WordPress Theme Designers, Developers and Companies

It is with great pleasure that I give to you the most comprehensive list of 100+ (mostly) premium WordPress theme providers that I could find on the internet complete with the number of premium themes they have, their pricing model, and the types of themes they offer. If you’ve found that I’ve missed one, please contact me and let me know. Here is THE Definitive List of Premium WordPress Theme Providers.

Rhymes and Reasons for those interested: This list is in numerical order from theme providers with the most themes down to the the least. Each listing also includes a general list of the type of themes that particular provider offers. Some providers offer buy one get one, buy one get two, or include other types of bonuses with the purchase of a theme. Where a user is purchasing 1 theme with whatever else comes with it, I have used “Single Purchases.” That type of pricing will be included in forthcoming pages. Most theme providers that offer only a single theme or framework have not been included unless their theme or framework was either a) already very well known or b) was pretty stupendous. A page is forthcoming about frameworks themselves and perhaps, if I am ambitious enough, one that lists all of the single theme providers as well. I’ve included a bit more explanation for those who are curious at the bottom of the post. If I missed a provider you think should be added, please just let me know and I’ll be happy to add it.

100+ Theme Companies

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