The Monster’s Generation or When It Comes to Monstroid2 Overview

The Monster’s Generation or When It Comes to Monstroid2 Overview

“Do you know the real meaning of the word multi? Monstroid2, a super cool WordPress theme, can show you the full power of this word”. Now you can meet such kind of slogans everywhere on the web. But is this theme really as cool as it seems? We will try to figure it out!

Of course, there are versatile templates and themes that can help you to build your websites. All that you need is to make a choice about the themes retailer or manufacturer. And, of course, to choose the category of the theme you need. But why do you need to waste your time on researching and analyzing? This theme shows itself as a product that can be your all-in-one solution without puzzling over! Monstroid2, created by TemplateMonster, seems like a truly multifunctional and multipurpose theme that can help you to succeed in every kind of business. Think that there are too many big words? Let’s see if this theme will be your push for an immediate purchase!

The Power of Responsiveness

Monstroid2 comes as a fully responsive WordPress theme that will show a great productivity on all types of modern devices. So, for example, if you are going to run a personal business website, your customers will reach a professional website as from a PC, as from a tablet or a smartphone as well.

Success in Every Niche

Speaking about the kinds of business, this theme makes all the borders invisible because of a pack of 9 pre-made skins inside! Need to express yourself in fashion or sport? Dream to promote your hotel or Chinese restaurant? This theme provides you with a full freedom in brightening up your business according to your taste.

Unique Way of Creativity

One more thing that makes us forget about the borders and limits is a number of header & footer styles. Showcase all your ideas in customizing the website with 10 pre-made variants of catchy headers & footers. Who said that design should be boring and annoying? No way! Feel free to edit each page of your site with different styles.

Super Productive Plugins

Monstroid2 has over 20 pre-loaded plugins that help you to make a really stunning site that will make your audience never leave it. Let’s see some of them in details.

Cherry Projects Plugin

This plugin allows you to create and manage a powerful portfolio with a huge number of versatile options. Make your own decision about the ways of showcasing your projects, the variants of animation, hover effects for each work from your portfolio, and more! Sort and filter your projects in any necessary way and even choose the max point of showups per one page of your site.

Cherry Team Members Plugin

If you want to present your professional crew, use this plugin that will help you to cope with it on the highest level. Showcase your staff with all the details in separate profiles and use multiple options to add skills and position of each team member.

Cherry Testimonials Plugin

Everyone wants to feel safe, but not everyone knows how to do it. This plugin was created to make your site far more reliable for your clients. To say more, this plugin provides you with real reviews that contain the info about the author. Use shortcodes to add any testimonial to your article or a site’s page and feel free to customize your testimonials up to your taste for a better performance.

Monstroid2 is fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin, so, you can build online stores in a few clicks. There are WooCommerce Package and WooCommerce Wishlist & Compare plugins that will brighten up a functionality of your store with hands down.

WooCommerce Package Plugin

This plugin is a well-done package of stunning widgets for building a powerful online store for every purpose. 6 fully responsive widgets that were created to make your online business rock!

  • About Store Widget allows you to add the detailed description of your online store to any page you need.
  • Banners Grid Widget helps you to showcase your content with 6 banners at the same time. You also can build an extra menu for your site with your favorite media.
  • Products Categories with Thumbnail provide you with a catchy presentation of your products with items counts.
  • Products Carousel will help you to show up as many items as you need with the use of an elegant carousel mode. A large number of options will help you to customize the look of your product carousel exactly up to your needs.
  • Products Smart Box will help you to group specific items into the box and show up a preview of selected item to your customers.

WooCommerceWishlist& Compare Plugin

This plugin will be a very helpful one to your customers and will improve the karma of your online business. Let your clients compare desired products by selected properties and let them lay aside favorable ones to the wishlist in a blink of an eye.

Customize with joy

Monstroid2 provides you with an enjoyable process of your theme editing. The interface allows you to edit everything through your taste and creativity. Feel free to add, remove, change, delete, or start over with every subject. The big plus of the process is a real-time mode that helps you to check all new changes without relaunching the page.
With this theme, you also get a simple installation, Power page builder, extremely professional support, quality & satisfaction guarantee, and many more features! As you can notice, Monstroid2 is a really powerful guy that changes people’s outlook about website building. It seems like a huge portion of your favorite sweets in one basket. Why don’t you check more sweets on the live demo? If you are already hooked up by the coolness of Monstroid2, hurry up to get this theme to create an outstanding website!

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