Nine WordPress Tricks and Hacks for Everyone 2015

Nine WordPress Tricks and Hacks for Everyone 2015

Nine Simple Tricks You Can Do in 20 Minutes or Less to Make Your WordPress More Efficient

Ever come across a feature on a WordPress blog and wonder.. “how could I do that”? Are you ever building or updating your website or blog and wish that you could customize part of your admin panel? Do you notice after a WordPress update that some of your favorite features are missing?

Try some of these WordPress tricks and hacks that anyone can use, regardless of your skill level, to make your blog your own.

Before and After Pictures with Interactive Slider

Do you have a blog that could use a simple way to display before and after photos? Maybe  you are a hair stylist, a contractor, or a personal trainer, and you would like to show the before and after of your work, but you don’t have the coding skills to make it happen.twentytwenty plugin

Here is a great plugin that will do just that, simply, with just a click. The TwentyTwenty before and after plugin will display your before and after photos in a slick little slider, allowing visitors to your blog to compare the pics.

Compatible WordPress 3.5.1 and up

Disable the Full-Height Editor

As I discussed in a previous post, sometimes WordPress makes changes in an update that many people were not asking for. Have you noticed recently that when you are writing a high word-count blog post, or one with large imges, that you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get back up to the top?full-height

During the WordPress 4.0 update, a change was made in the editor that displays all of the content before allowing scroll to continue. To reach the bottom of your editor screen, you have to go through scrolling all of your content. Irritating. The fix is simple. At the very top of your editor screen, click Screen Options, then uncheck the field that says “enable full-height editor…”  Problem solved.

Compatible WordPress 4.0 and up

Highlight Code in Text Editor

Do you use the text editor to insert code and tags to your WordPress posts? Have you ever had to search and search the monocolor code to find what you were looking for? As I get older and my eyes get weaker, I find it harder to use the text editor in WordPress.syntax-highlighter

This simple plugin, the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter, highlights your code just like you were in a code compiler, making it easier to use and to find what you are looking for.

Compatible WordPress 3.3 and up

Manage Your WP Admin Menu

Depending on your active theme, and the number of plugins you have installed, your WP admin menu can get a little crowded and confused. What if you could drag and drop all main menu and sub-menu items in any order you want, even from the main level to a sublevel?menu-manager

Try the WordPress Admin Menu Manager. This simple, lightweight plugin allows you to customize and condense your admin menu easily, keeping important links up high and reachable, while putting links you do not use down and out of sight.

Compatible with WordPress 4.0 and up

Roll Back (or Forward) to Any Version of Theme or Plugin

Occasionally, a theme, plugin or WordPress update can cause conflicts with your website. WordPress does not make it simple to revert back to an older version, but with the WP Rollback plugin, it is as simple as one click. Just identify the theme or plugin that you would like to roll back, select the version, and click.wp-rollback

No more searching for the older version, downloading, unzipping, etc. This plugin really comes in handy if, for example, after a theme update, your site is broken. Quickly revert to the older version, then identify the cause of the conflict or send in your support ticket (or just email our partners at WPSupportCenter).

Compatible with WordPress 3.8 and up

Assign Multiple Authors and Contributors to Your Posts

Did you ever wish that there was a fast, easy way to add co-authors or contributors to one of your posts, without having to create a WordPress user account? The popular Co-authors Plus WordPress plugin is the answer to that

This is a flexible and easy-to-use (and popular!) plugin that allows each contributor to a post to edit the post, and gives you control of where the author names appear on the post as well as in what order.

Compatible with WordPress 3.7 and up

Create, Manage Then Install Plugins With One Click

Depending on the active theme, as well as the client, I have various sets of plugins that I have collected which I install over and over again. With the WPCore Plugin Manager, you can create plugin collections and install them with one click.wpcore

No more searching, installing and activating your plugins one by one, taking up valuable time. Generate a group of your favorite plugins at, then you generate a unique collection key and install your plugins with one click. Very slick.

Compatible with WordPress 3.5 and up

Add Icons Next to Your Menu Items

Tired of your plain, generic navigation menu? This great little plugin, WordPress Menu Icons, lets you add menu icons next to each menu item, making your site unique and attractive. This plugin supports a huge amount of icons, including Elusive Icons, Font Awesome, Foundation Icons, Genericons, Fontinello and more.dashicons

Compatible with WordPress 4.1 and up

Enable Advanced Image Styles

Back in the good old days (WordPress 3.9 and back) users were able to utilize advanced image features to set image margins and borders, among other settings. For everyone that misses these missing settings, there is a quick solution. Install WordPress Advanced Image Styles and get back the old image advanced options that were removed from your dashboard.advance-image-plugin

Very light, easy to use, and works just like the pre-WP 4.0 advanced options window.


I hope these simple WordPress tricks help to simplify your blog, and save you some time and trouble. Try a few of these out, and let me know how they work for you. Do you have some simple tricks for WordPress that I did not mention here? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Need some help with your blog or website? Visit our partners at

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