Create an Easy WordPress Email Newsletter with MailPoet Plugin

So you have designed your new WordPress site, written some great content, pushed it out on social media, and now you are getting some traffic. Whether you are publishing a personal blog or ecommerce website, it is time to get started capturing email subscribers.

Insert Pagination or Page Breaks in WordPress Posts [Solved]

How (and Why) to Paginate WordPress Pages and Posts into Multiple Pages With recent Google updates penalizing “thin content”, one of the best ways to keep out of trouble is to provide longer, in-depth posts that give more value to the reader. One way to do this, while breaking your content up into digestible pieces, […]

Nine WordPress Tricks and Hacks for Everyone 2015

Nine Simple Tricks You Can Do in 20 Minutes or Less to Make Your WordPress More Efficient Ever come across a feature on a WordPress blog and wonder.. “how could I do that”? Are you ever building or updating your website or blog and wish that you could customize part of your admin panel? Do […]

Best WordPress Restaurant Theme Comparison 2015

Cooking Up a Comparison of the Best Restaurant Themes for WordPress in 2015 In a business as competitive as the restaurant and bar business, a well-designed and functional website is a must. Staying ahead of the competition means implementing cutting-edge marketing and media strategies, and this all starts with your website. Why choose a WordPress […]

Building A Site in Your Language? Translate Your System Messages!

My experience with making online content largely has to do with my maternal (and widely unpopular) Bulgarian language. Even when consuming content online, I’ll be quickly distracted by a site with content in a specific language, that has some system menus or links left out in English. So I’ll present you a list of the […]