How to Find the Category or Tag ID

How to Find Category and Tag IDs from WordPress Admin Area Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to determine page, post and category IDs without having to visit the post edit screen? Some themes or plugins allow you to set theme options or widget options based on a category or tag ID. […]

Parallax Scrolling Explained – Why You Need It

You’ve most definitely heard about it, you’ve definitely seen it – parallax scrolling themes seem to be the new darling of web design and, for a change, it’s a great trend to exploit. But don’t worry if you’ve heard the buzzword and still don’t know what it means – today we’ll tell you a bit […]

Widgets Automatically Closing [Solved] – WordPress

How to Solve Widgets Automatically Closing in WordPress WordPress is great… when it works the way you want it to. Recently, I ran into an odd issue during theme development where any time I would move a widget to a widget area, it would automatically close the widget before I could enter in any of […]

Quick Tip – Easy NoFollow External Links in WordPress

NoFollow External Links to Low-Quality Content Linking to untrusted sites, paid content, affiliate links and comment links can reduce the trust Google has in your site, and as far as search is concerned, that is a very, very bad thing. In a Penguin-and-Panda world, considering carefully who deserves a “follow” link from your site is […]

How to Optimize and Resize Multiple Images | WordPress

How to Resize Multiple Images for Faster Page Load Times One of the most significant factors that will slow down the loading of your site is uploading extremely large images, even when those images are being displayed at a smaller size on the page. If you publish posts or pages that are rich in media […]