Salient Theme Review – Brilliant?

Salient Theme Review – Brilliant?

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Salient is the go-to theme for all creatives, be it design freelancers, advertising studios, game developers or app creators. With its modern feel and large visuals, Salient will let your graphic work do the talking for you.

Get noticed with video or parallax

The most notable thing that sets Salient aside from many other themes is the option for video backgrounds. This will surely make your site look more innovative and draw the attention of visitors. The Nectar Slider specifically developed for Salient, gives you lots of creative options. Even if video is not your thing, you can use the slider to make your site more dynamic – with parallax scrolling, for example. And the best thing is that you can use unlimited instances of the nectar slider on one page. This is a great feature and makes making beautiful, one-page sites a breeze.

Lots of portfolio options

The creators of Salient obviously know the web-related pains of trying to arrange a gallery just right – that’s why they have included several different portfolio options. You can choose between 3 main types for your portfolio – Column view, Full-width and Single pages (very popular for apps and other more complex projects) – and there are a couple of different layouts you can implement for each. If the vast array of options  still doesn’t suit you, just create your personal layout with the aid of shortcodes and the Visual Composer.

Shortcodes and Visual Composer

Salient relies on the Visual Composer plug-in, which means you will be able to create a layout you want in just a couple of clicks and with no code writing whatsoever. If you haven’t used Visual Composer before, you’ll need some time to get used to the way you create layouts in it, but once you get the hang of it, the time it takes you to create a page from scratch will go down dramatically in comparison to creating the page with either code or the basic WordPress text editor. Be advised that if you change the theme, you will also lose the layouts you created – but you can easily work around that by getting the Visual Composer plugin and installing it as an additional extension once you change your theme.

The creators of Salient have added a lot of additional options for creating a personalized layout with the addition of shortcodes. Some of those come from Visual Composer, but there are many that were added or updated especially for the theme. Pricing tables, graphs and skill bars – you name it, Salient will probably have it.


There is a lots of hidden gold in the Salient admin options – a full set of theme customization settings you can work with. If you’re a WordPress novice, don’t worry – the team has created an extensive set of tutorials, both in text and video format. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, you can always get help – the customer support is more than good.

The theme has some options we’ve come to expect from premium themes – like icons and Google Fonts – but it takes those to a whole new level. There is not 1, but 3 sets of inline icons you can use, and the Google Fonts panel includes extensive options such as font styles and line heights so you can customize the typography to your heart’s content.

If you plan on using Salient for some sales-oriented activities, you are covered with the industry standard WooCommerce support, as well as an Ajax shopping cart option, where the page will update the cart info without reloading the page. Salient has an e-shop layout style that’s nice and clean, so you can easily create a great looking store.


If you’re a creative with a clear focus on showing your great designs – go straight for Salient. It does a great job at impressing your visitors and letting them focus on the great work you have to show.

Get the Salient theme here


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