Starbis Picks Up The Speed

Starbis Picks Up The Speed

More and more interest is put on website templates of multifunctional purposes and it is quite reasonable. That’s why, this review is devoted to Starbis HTML5 Template from TemplateMonster. And now we will show you how a single one product is able to match many different business niches and project types. Starbis worthily got into the Top Flagships of 2016 List. And now we will make you sure and prove it by detailed and scrupulous viewing each small and big element.
First Look Impression
This multipurpose theme attracts by its clean and minimalistic design. The perfect combination of color elements and schemes, fonts, graphics, backgrounds, images, animations, transitions, loading and scrolling effects and so on. The template is well-structured. The front – page slider is pretty informative and has a very stylish navigation bar. All blocks of pages are thoughtfully and comfortably placed. The overall impression is very nice and theme deserves more detailed viewing. So, go ahead and check what is hidden under the Starbis’ hood.

Spheres of Use
Starbis boasts its universality, which means that it can be applied to any business sphere. To prove this statement, product package initially includes pre-designed templates for totally different but equally important businesses, from law firms to insurance agencies.
Ready-made Child Themes
TemplateMonster’s developers greatly simplified user’s work by adding a set of ready-made child themes.
Top Invest is an investment advisor. It contains a great number of professional tools to show up strict business data in a bright manner. Therefore, you can use graphs or charts to present any financial info, data and numbers in alive and quite understandable way. Manage your investments effectively and control profit accurately.

Easy Audit theme works as a reliable assistant to resolve any audit issue to your business. With all its potential you can get a list of proper alternative solutions, optimize audit cost, provide internal audit, minimize all risks and so on.

Tax Expert is responsible for tax cost optimizing, tax planning in order to reduce your tax liability, bookkeeping to capture all your financial transactions, bank reconciliation for controlling all accounting records, etc. Online Tax Calculator – useful tool to count taxes. Count taxes by business area, employee number, country of residence or yearly income.

Law Expert helps in solving very complex legal issues. This theme is aimed to provide assistance for many low questions: business, family, civil litigation and so on.

All Risk theme works to insure your future clients from any kind of trouble. It allows getting a quote for house, travel, life and car insurance.

Clear and well-commented code
Starbis HTML5 Multipurpose template is considered to be a perfect example of well-commented codebase. With its all comments to explain what function each block of code is responsible for you will clearly understand how your website has been built.
Responsive & Retina Ready Layouts running on Bootstrap 3
Intuitive and powerful Bootsrap 3 toolkit offers nearly endless website customization possibilities. Moreover, view Starbis whenever you need, no matter what device and screen resolution you get at hand. This template has been developed in accordance with all trendy technic requirements. Being responsive and retina ready is one of them.
SEO & Load Speed Optimized
The Starbis template speed work initially has been optimized for faster loading. This intention will get rid your users of long waiting and make search engines to get your website upper to the top.

Pre-designed Pages and Elements
This truly multipurpose template is packed with more than 50 read-made website pages. The product is thoroughly thought-out. You will not need to spend hours building pages structures and layouts from the scratch, since everything has been already designed for your convenience. All pages have thoughtful layouts, structures, images, icons, graphics, fonts and other details that make each page bright and unique.
– Coming Soon Page informs visitors about releasing a particular product or event. It is shown with stylish countdown design and an option to enable newsletter subscription.

– 404 Page appears while entering an already deleted or non-existed page.

Pricing Page displays graphics and tables of different pricing plans and offers available. There is also FAQs section and “Send Us a Letter” form in case your visitors would need any additional assistance.

FAQ Page is meant to collect and present all already given answers to frequently asked questions.

Registration Page shows a special registration form where each of your users can easily create a personal account. It looks quite minimalistic, but works accurately and quickly.

Furthermore, the theme bundle includes an entire UI kit with all working buttons, icons, progress bars, charts and so on. Additionally, you get an option to play and switch Header and Footer Layout settings the way you like. Plus, such pre-designed blocks as “Our team” “Testimonial” “Clients” are also added to the main bundle which pretty saves your time and money.

Blog Layout Variations
Starbis comes with a variety of pre-designed Blog Layout variations.
Practically, each website comes with Blog page. Today, it is almost the must-have for a self-respected company website. Starbis isn’t an exception. It offers several types of layout for Blogging page.
Classic Blog Layout which looks literally classically showing posts one-by-one along the page. Each post comes with featured image, video or audio info, title, excerpt or short description, publication date, author’s photo and name.

Grid Blog Layout places posts in a grid-based way. Each post is shown as a faded featured image overlaid with a title, author’s name, tags or categories and publication period.

Timeline Blog Layout looks pretty close to classic one, however, has some small differences in post attributes placing.

Masonry breaks a grid type and shows up posts in a chaotic way. This variety of blogging page keeps being a very popular one.

Multiple Gallery Types
Gallery page templates are created exactly to give you a chance to vary your projects presentation way. Starbis offers to use your Grid Gallery as a classic projects displaying way. All existed projects can be categorized on a special tabs panel for more convenient navigation and overview. Masonry Layout allows you to combine different sizes of project images and put them on a one page. Cobbles Gallery is characterized by a kind of bizarre way of projects presentation.

eCommerce Template
No problem to arrange a store online with outstanding Starbis HTML5 Multipurpose Template. Since it is packed with all the must-have eCommerce. You will not face any problems. Your clients can optionally view your shop catalogue either using grid or list layout.
Grid one shows up items with a name, carousel of images, brand, price and cut price. Also, there are options to mark some positions as “New” or “Sale”, and choose how many products to output per page.

List Shop Layout presents items catalogued in a one-by-one timeline. In contrast to Grid layout, List one gives more information about each product. In front of each product image you can see short description, rating, customers’ reviews and price.

Following to Single Product Page each user is able to look through more item details: color, size, quantity, delivery, customer’s feedback, video review of the item, “Leave a Comment” form, etc. Furthermore, template design has related products accordion at the top in order to offer products of the same style or look.

Then goes Cart Page template with all items added to customer’s cart. Basically, it is the list of shops with an option to change the quantity of chosen items or remove them from the list.

Getting to the final step, you enter Checkout Page Layout. Here are Billing and Shipping address forms are placed to fill in. Below you can see the list of all the orders you’ve made before, and cart total details.

TemplateMonster provides an informative video review of Starbis HTML5 Multipurpose Template which will definitely catch your eye.

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