How To Tell Which Theme A Website Is Using

How To Tell Which Theme A Website Is Using

Being a web designer, you often need to cater to the individual tastes of several businesses, startups, bloggers ,and individual clients as well. If you have been in the business long enough, you have definitely come across clients requesting that their website should look like something they’ve already seen online.

Not every attractive website that you find may be using WordPress, but with nearly 1/5 of all sites doing so, chances are good that it does. So how do you find out which theme a website is using? Well, there isn’t just one, but two simple methods you can use to find out which WordPress theme is being used by a certain website.

First Method

Once you’ve found the website you like, open their home page to get started.


Look for the “View Source” function on the browser you’re using. This option will give provide you with the option to view the source of that particular webpage. In the Safari browser, you can find the “View Source” under the “View” drop down menu. In the Chrome Browser, you can find this option under “View > Developer” drop down menu. In the Firefox browser, you can find the “Page Source” option under “Tools > Web Developer” menu option. You can identify this option in Firefox easily though the Firebug plugin.


Once you have the source code of the webpage in front of you, scroll down to view the URL of the website along with the extensions “/wp-content/themes/name-of-theme-folder/”. All the WordPress files which are specifically for that website are present in the “wp-content” folder. The “/themes/” folder contains all the files that are associated with the WordPress themes of that particular website. The “/name-of-the-theme-folder/” is the theme being used by that WordPress website.


So all you need to do now is Google the name of the WordPress theme (remove the hyphens, numbers, etc.) and find where you can purchase it.


Second Method

The other way to find the WordPress theme a website is using is quite simple as well. There are several websites that can help you find the WordPress theme with just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website you want to look up, into their search box.

Some of these WordPress theme finding websites are:

WordPress Theme Detector

What WordPress Theme Is That?

What Theme

These two simple methods will help you find those WordPress themes so that you can get your hands on those attractive WP Themes in no time.

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