The7 Theme Review – Is it Really That Great?

The7 Theme Review – Is it Really That Great?

the7 wordpress theme review

Before I started doing reviews of multipurpose WordPress themes, I always thought all of them were more or less the same – after all, they should be good for everything, how can they not be similar? With time, I’ve learned that there are substantial differences even when it comes to this type of themes – and some will suit your needs better or worse.

The7 is another multi-purpose WordPress theme, and one of the top performing themes, as well. Its focus is more on the design side, and it’s created with minimalism in mind. It has a very Apple-esque feel to it, with clean lines and simple layouts, but the slight gradients and the sparse use of color gives it more character than the perpetual silver of the Apple website.

The theme is perfect for those who want a minimalist look, but prefer their personality to show – and no 2 sites built with The7 look the same, precisely because of the ease and flexibility in terms of layout and design. The theme offers 3 design styles (iOS 7, material design and minimalist style), 4 header layouts, more than 20 skins, as well as more than 650 fonts, background and color options. This theme is so extensive, it feels like nearly every single aspect of the site could be changes through the theme customization options.

The customization of your site’s layout will be done very easily thanks to the Visual Layout Builder, created with the Visual Composer plugin. With it, you can mix and match between some 16 custom widgets and more than 50 shortcodes. For example, you can add testimonial sliders or progress bars with just a simple shortcode. But you should also keep in mind that switching the theme means you’ll lose the shortcode information. You can buy the Visual Composer plugin separately and regain some shortcode support, but the creators of The7 warn you that they’ve created some custom shortcodes that are not supported outside the theme. If you are not sure how long you’ll be using The7, make sure to use the universal shortcode types or take note of where you’ll be using custom ones so that you can later do some design tweaks there.

There’s lots of additional functionality that The7 offers. For example, some impressive custom slider options with 3D sliders (they’re really fun to play with, but offer limited usability), Metro and Porthole sliders, Layerslider and the most extensive slider plug-in of all – Slider Revolution. This is a good place to mention that buying The7 saves you some $99 worth of plug-ins – this is a savings of nearly 2x what you pay for the theme!

You can create some beautiful landing pages with The7. The theme allows you to change or completely remove the headers, menus and other items in order to make a product or service microsite, a coming soon page, or a page presenting your business. You can then make long pages more dynamic with striped backgrounds and parallax transitions (where the text moves at a different speed than the background, creating the illusion of perspective).

If you’re using The7 for a complex site, you’ll be happy to know it lets you create custom post types, so you can have different views for a team section, your blog, a portfolio or clients section. On top of this, there are a few custom styles that come built in – the list option will look good for blog posts and news sections, while the masonry image-centric style will serve good for a portfolio. There’s also a justified grid style – great if you’re looking for a more organized feel. Finally, if you want to dabble into some e-commerce business, you can rely on great integration with WooCommerce.

Thus, The7 covers the full range of most common site applications and shows great promise for any website developer. The theme shines the most for personal and business sites, but has a lot to offer in any situation which has made it one of the top selling themes of all time. You can pick up The7 for just $59 on Theme Forest. I recommend you check it out!

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