Theme of the Day – Ideas by AppThemes

Theme of the Day – Ideas by AppThemes

Today’s theme of the day is Ideas by AppThemes! As more and more themes emerge, coming up with something truly unique is a challenge. In a bold move by AppThemes, they released Ideas which is just that – a truly unique idea.

It’s a simple idea and a simple theme, but it has great potential. With Ideas, customers can suggest new ideas or features, discuss them, and vote them up. It’s the perfect solution for any company that wants to get customer feedback on their products or services. The theme allows companies to give their customers a place where they can be heard and express their opinions to the betterment of both company and consumers.

Ideas by AppThemes


If you haven’t taken a look yet, you should at least check it out. There are all kinds of other applications this theme could be used for including voting-type sites like Reddit or Digg. So what’s your Idea?

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