By now nearly everyone who has played around with WordPress knows about companies like Elegant Themes, StudioPress, and WooTheme that provide a great selection of themes. Recently, WPMU put out a list of the top 90 theme makers in a post ranked by how much traffic they get. While in once sense this list was helpful, in many ways it lacked a lot of valuable information. Which theme provider offered the best theme designs? Which one has the best deal on themes? Which ones have the best affiliate programs? What if I’m looking for a particular kind of theme?

I’ve set about the daunting task of putting out an overview of ALL of the theme companies that I could Google my way to. Turns out this is a pretty big undertaking that might take a life time! I’ve decided to break down my research into several pages which I hope to keep updated. The tentative breakdown is as follows:

  • The List – This is the list of all of the theme designers that I could find along with some of the most important data about them including
    • The number of themes they offer (updated quarterly)
    • How they sell their themes (individually or memberships)
    • The type of themes they sell (personal, corporate, app, portfolio, magazine, etc.)
  • The Comparisons  (Coming Soon!) – This will be a breakdown of all  of these theme providers in an attempt to “compare apples to apples” when it comes to price, theme type, and maybe even the quality of themes (if I get really ambitious!). Some theme providers only sell single themes, some only sell their themes through memberships, some only sell high-end themes, and some sell only one theme or framework. I’ll be grouping these themes together in order to compare them in the hopes to discover which theme companies offer the best prices in each category (single theme price, membership price, app themes).
  • Affiliate Comparisons  – This will be a breakdown of all of the theme providers that also offer affiliates the chance to sell their themes. We’ll rank the themes in terms of how much of a percentage they pay to their affiliates and endeavor to show which providers offer the overall best affiliate opportunities. For example, one company may offer 50% commissions, but have such a low price point that affiliates would make more initiating a more expensive sale at a lower percentage. All of these types of things will be considered.
  • Conclusion and Wrap Up (Coming Soon!) – By the end of all this analysis, we should be able to proudly state the winners of our comparisons as well as naming some honorable mentions in each of the varied categories. In this section we will also consider some of the WP marketplaces that exist for finding themes and make brief mention of some pseudo theme providers and other oddities that I’ve found in this journey

So there you have it – the overview for what I hope proves to be the most valuable and authoritative comparison of the theme providers on the web. Stay tuned as we explore the beautiful world of wordpress themes an create the most robust theme resources that exist on the web.

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