Create a Micro Job Marketplace for WordPress with Taskerr

Create a Micro Job Marketplace for WordPress with Taskerr

The micro job market is booming, as more and more people are ready to work freelance and many employers feel exceedingly comfortable with online job markets. The concept of micro job marketplace theme platforms is pretty straight-forward: the freelancer posts an offer for a task they can get done (a gig), and the employer buys the task to be completed based on their requirements. Fiverr made this model famous and now there’s a lot of potential for smaller, local or niche job marketplaces. It seems that such a platform will be hard to build and will require lots of programming – nothing is farther from the truth! With the help of AppThemes’ Taskerr you can get your very own marketplace going in just a couple of hours.

Taskerr micro-job theme

Design and Interface

Taskerr draws the attention with its modern and minimalist design, that can be customized very easily. The homepage is completely editible, with an option to change the main picture, tagline and information so that you get users acquainted with your platform right away. There are a number of widgets you can use to make the homepage compatible with your purpose and add options to highlight gigs that you’ll be able to charge for.

The service overview page has a clean design, with lots of helpful information that can be added. Potential employers are able to contact the freelancer with additional questions or directly buy a task and afterwards they can leave reviews, comments and ratings. All communication is managed through the platform.

Taskerr micro-job theme

In their profiles users can see the tasks they’ve listed and make changes to them, add new ones and in the case of employers – see their purchased tasks’ statuses and manage payments. Everything is executed in a clean no-frills style that makes your content shine. The creation of a new gig from the profile is really easy and gives freelancers many options to shine – they can add not only text, but images and videos to present their services in the best way possible. The services body has lots of styling options, with headings, blockquotes, lists, etc.

Users will receive notifications straight in the platform and by email for a number of actions – everyone can manage their notifications in their user profile. This is very handy, so that users don’t get frustrated with receiving too many notifications, but still choose which actions they want to get notified about by email.

Email Templates

I believe this is a great feature, so I want to highlight it separately. Taskerr comes preloaded with 15 different email templates for everything from notifications to job bookings, progress updates, etc. The email HTML is fully customizable and gives you the basis for great communication with your users. It is easy to get small tweaks done even without extending coding knowledge, as you’ll surely like at least one of the email presets.

Backend Options

The best part about Taskerr is that it has extensive options for customizations. The template comes with a full settings section where you can tweak the appearance, boost security, add integrations, change service page settings and much more. You can also use the WordPress theme customizer to change fonts, homepage appearance and other general settings.


Taskerr micro-job theme

Of course, the most important thing in using such a site is how you’ll monetize your platform. Taskerr lets you create different plans for posting services. You can change the plan fees, as well as the services associated with them – charge more for additional promotion of tasks, like getting featured on Homepage or in a category. If you’d like to get traction in your niche, make the posting of gigs free and then create plans for additional promotion, at least for an initial time period. Taskerr’s next version will also include an option to charge for a percentage when a task is booked and you’ll be able to let users post many tasks for free, while monetizing the actual booking process.


Taskerr is a really great option for creating a micro-job marketplace. You can go as specific or as broad as you like – from a small local or niche task network to a large all-purpose platform. The price you’ll pay for Taskerr ($99 for the standard theme and $159 for the developer version with PSDs included) is nothing compared to the heavy coding you’d have to do if creating the platform from scratch. So don’t hesitate – try it out!

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